52 Sayings. A different one on each card.

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Want to Quit Smoking?

As an ex smoker I know how hard it is to quit. Even the thought of quitting can make you want to smoke. Relax. Quitting is easier than you think. The key is a good plan and support. And pay attention here: it makes a big difference if the plan is not your plan.

Imagine what it would be like

Just imagine for a minute what it would be like to not be a slave to the cigarettes. You would be free. There are so many areas where you can experience the benefits of not smoking including money, health, relationships, and many more, but the thing I think I am the most grateful for is the freedom. That freedom can be yours. Just check out our plan, and of course get a Reason Pack.

What is a Reason Pack?

The idea of the "Reason Pack" is for smokers who are trying to quit to carry them around where they carried their cigarettes, then when they get the urge to smoke, they can just whip 'em out and see all the reasons why they really don't want to smoke.

Check Out Our Stop Smoking Plan

If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive way to quit smoking. Try our plan.